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Hero City is a campaign set in a fictional, newly-built city of the same name in Pennsylvania in contemporary times.


Greetings true believers and four color junkies! Welcome to the Hero City Campaign! This Champions Setting begins characters as the first age of heroes in this colorful universe. Set in the year 2009, in what was once a small community in Pennsylvania, Hero City is just one of many locations, world wide, that will introduce the heroes who will come to shape the destiny of the planet earth.

Hero City is a Champions Campaign that is influenced by every four-color comic book every made. Stressing a solid background, and well balanced character, this campaign will focus on heroic themes read in those super heroic comic books we all enjoyed growing up with. Not to worry fans of the dark and mysterious. Hero City will have that, lurking in the shadows, aspect. But, the main theme of this campaign will be the growth and evolution of the characters and there impact on the world at large.

So strap on that cape! Buckle on that flight pack! And, make sure that power suit is fully charged! The world will be in need of heroes! Heroes like YOU!

Some say that the golden age started on that cold autumn day in September 1974. On that day one of the biggest events occurred in human history. At 5:31am, a meteor came from nowhere. It struck an area in South West Pennsylvania without warning. The devastation was immense. Three Small Townships were utterly destroyed. For years scientists and politicians clashed over whom to blame. Scientists from all over the world struggled with the public’s perception that there should have been some warning. The politicians just blamed each other for cutting short the funds for those to make the technologies to prevent such disasters. In the end, through all the blame and bickering, it was the common civilian that stepped up to the plate. People and private agencies from all around the world stepped in to help those who had been devastated from this incredible disaster. Motivated by the kindness and drive of the populace, the United States government came forth and started efforts to build a new city. In 2005 the city was back on its feet. Still growing with new technologies and investments the city was re-named to Hero City, after the people who perished on that dreadful day

Why now? Know one knew. The most logical connection was the meteor event. Some say the meteor had a geological effect on random people that genetically mutated them into getting powers. Of course, there was no other good explanation. Some came upon their powers through freak accidents and various other mishaps. However, only until after the meteor incident did these accidents transform normal people into super powered beings.

Whatever the reason, Powered individuals were popping up everywhere in the world. The first recorded was a woman from Japan. On June 3rd 2008, she exhibited the ability to grow to incredible heights. Using her power to block a tsunami from crashing into the Tokyo harbor, she quickly became a hero to the Japanese people. Taking the name Tsunami, she continues to use her power to help those she can.

Unfortunately for the world at large, that saying “power corrupts” was very true. What seemed like a plague for the first part of 2009, super powered criminals started popping up here and there, every one of them with different goals and schemes. The TV show “America’s Most Wanted” started a new spin off show called “Villains at Large”. Of course the show was a big hit and helped with a few arrests. But the simple true was, the scale of power had tilted. Local law enforcement did their best but often would fail at apprehending the powered criminals

This new phenomenon has sparked many a debate, both politically and privately. But just like the scales of justice, rumors involving random acts of heroism spread from person to person. It’s an uncertain future for the world at large. And, through all the talk and patient wondering, the world looks to the place that some say started it all…

Hero City… The city of the future!

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